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Stop worrying about booking your flight! Get the best routes, with trusted airlines, at the most affordable rates.


Why worry about visa procedures, when you can focus on other important things! Let us do the hard work.

Best Routes.
Best Fares.Your Airlines.

Sumegh’s ticketing services are your gateway to effortless travel. As a premier travel agency, we specialize in providing a wide range of ticketing options, whether for domestic or international flights.

International Flights

Whether you’re planning a journey to Japan, Sydney, or any other destination worldwide, we’ve got you covered. Fly anywhere around the world with Sumegh’s efficient ticketing team.

Domestic Flights

Booking a flight within Nepal has never been more affordable and efficient. For a seamless ticketing service experience for domestic flights, reach out to us today!

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Our dedicated team of customer service professionals are available around the clock to answer all your queries. Reach out to us today!
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